Friday, 8 March 2013

Mobile Scanners - The Competition

In this post we take a look at the competition. One of the drawbacks of the app stores is that there is an app for everything and sure enough it took seconds to find a couple.


Camscanner Screenshot
Camscanner Screenshot

  • Scanning good, easy to use.
  • I don't like the layout of the home page.
  • Cloud integrated with their own cloud storage
  • PDF generated
  • no OCR, or if there is it's well hidden
  • Website so-so, nice and simple to the extent that it's using the back button for navigation, seems like it's a bit of a Beta.
  • App is missing confirmation here and there, e.g. pressed sync nothing happened. It did sync but I couldn't tell without looking on the web site.


Handy Scanner

Handy Scanner Screenshot
Handy Scanner Screenshot

Handy scanner in play store
  • Basic scanning and sharing.
  • PDF generated
  • No organisation of documents
  • No cloud storage.
  • Simple but limited. 

Both of these apps do a decent job of capturing the image and doing some basic alignment and cleanup. With both you can easily share the document, that's the point at which HandyScanner stops. Camscanner carries on with some basic groupings, but they don't seem very helpful, you can add notes which is useful and missing from my app, but you can only tag on the website.

I think that this leaves me room for better document organisation and tagging and also for introducing OCR. That said, if you use Google Drive as storage it will attempt to OCR the document, although it failed with both my test examples.

Should I carry on, or give up and wait until Google runs our whole lives? Why is it not surprising their data centre software is called Borg, Orwell could only dream.

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  1. You could carry on and sell your solution to Google? I think that's a common pattern. For almost anything these days we can say Google can do it, but that's rarely a reason not to. What about using the Google Drive API and building on that. If you have a ready solution that has some users Google might buy you out?