Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's just an effing phone -get over it!

I was supposed to write a blog post about mobile design sites -but when I looked at them my heart just died, these mobile designers have less interesting lives than trainspotters -a black turtleneck is the new blue anorak.

It wasn't cool when I bought it
As you can see from my phone, I may not be the best person to write about mobile design, it's old, it's bust, I spent 0s arranging my desktop and the only reason the background isn't the default is that my daughter changed it. In fact the only up to date thing about it is that Evernote got hacked last week.

What do I use my phone for ( compulsory list coming up ) :
  1. Making phone calls -your phone really should do this -please take note Apple.
  2. Sending texts, the soft keyboard is actually good at this, predictive text is brain dead in this version, the one on the playbook is much better.
  3. Browsing the web -of course not, it's slow and far too small, that's what tablets are for.
  4. Email ditto desperation only.
  5. Reading a book ditto.
  6. Listening to music -could do, but don't.
  7. Checking train times -something useful, at last! You can find out when your train should have been here.
  8. Stalking (sorry social media), not since the restraining order.
  9. Navigation -was good but the GPS has never been the same since I went up Snowden with the phone in an open pocket. It was Wales, it was raining, no need for point 10.
  10. Checking the weather -well I am British (and fiercely proud of it!)
  11. Angry Birds -was amusing for 30s. now please fire the lot into an erupting volcano. I am over 12.
So I went looking at these mobile design sites :

Tech mobile blogs:
Design Inspiration:
They are Dull with a capital Duh, just lots of screen shots of mobiles with apps open in them, compare that to what the trainspotter sees :

I think that's my brother!

So my media-bespectacled brethren, throw off your turtlenecks, embrace the nutty slack and get yourselves down to the nearest sidings before it's too late. You've probably got longer than you think, see point 7 above.

Should this post have raised any issues, or upset you in any way please feel free to comment below, there are charities which can help.

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