Monday, 4 February 2013

Fast Track to Mobile -Part Deux

This week we run up a couple of quick mobile pages and publish them on dropbox -not without it's idiosyncrasies- and install ADT the Android Development Toolkit.

A note on pronunciation -the dog jokes should be read in the voice of our late, lamented court jester -Spike Milligan.

Sench App Page
Sencha App on Playbook

First off Sencha, I just copied the test page, updated the text and dropped it onto dropbox. The Sencha page looks reasonable to me -but it's just a test page. Looking at the source, it's a bit less friendly than jQuery Mobile for something this simple which implies there might be a slighly steeper learning curve. Time will tell.

jQuery Mobile page on Playbook
The jQuery Mobile page  also looks good, again it was just copied from the quick start. The code looks a lot more like a normal web page with the contents driven through named div blocks -view source on the pages and you'll see what I mean.

Dropbox had issues, or rather Chrome did, with using either 3rd party sources or mixing http & https requests -these were resolved by copying the css and javascript files into the Dropbox public folder so that they could be served from there.

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