Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quick Delivery for Mobile

I have signed up for my friend Sam's Mobile Development Class, in the past I have built and run backends for mobile sites but have never had too much to do with the device side and his course seemed like a good chance to fill in the knowledge pothole. One of the assignments for week 1 was to write a 'contractual obligation' blog post -which is why you're suffering this; a second, more interesting, assignment was to watch this mobile dev introduction on Udemy.

Although it was for managers, shouldn't scoff I am one (sometimes),the set of lectures gave a good overview of some of the options for delivering mobile sites and apps.

Back in the day I was Head of Development for a company called Cantos, and made a now defunct mobile site for them, it broke when we put up the current web site , we did do a second version for the new Drupal site but it was never given the green light to go live, which is why I don't give a link to it.

When we were developing the mobile sites we did a lot of googling around looking for tools, guides and advice and I wish the Udemy video and the options it mentions were around then -we might have saved a lot of time and we would have been much more future proofed.

Tools like Cordova / PhoneGap offer a quick, cross-platform, entry to the market and Titanium a short cut to the native app experience. For the sites we built jQuery Mobile would have allowed us to offer a richer user experience to our customers. The video lectures discuss the pros and cons of each technology and makes suggestions about what to use when, including when you should go fully native. All in all 50 minutes well spent and I look forward to playing with all of them.

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  1. great blog post - glad you enjoyed the Udemy lectures.