Saturday, 3 December 2011

Panasonic G3 -a walk in the country.

Will you lot get away from that tree!

This is the first time I have taken the new camera out to play, and it's done pretty well. I was a bit worried that colours would be too cool, this wasn't the best day to prove it one way or another, it was getting near to sunset and the mist was rising, but all in all I am pretty pleased. I did play around with the camera settings a little, but I wasn't organised enough to write down what I used.


Mister friendly poses for the Panasonic

Generally I used the viewfinder, rather than the  screen, it has a dioptre adjuster so that you can compensate for any optical shortcomings that you have and bring the menu in focus. It's all pretty intuitive -which is just as well as I have yet to open up the CD with the manual in it. The viewfinder is good enough that I'm pleased that I chose this camera rather than, say, the Olympus without one.
I think I used the flash

One problem that I did have was with the buttons on the back of the camera by the screen, which I found myself hitting by accident, sending the camera into some strange modes. Another is that the touch screen, whilst usable, isn't the most responsive -it's quite a bit worse than the one on my LG Optimus phone.

Colours look pretty good here

Moody Views

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