Sunday, 23 January 2011

Biomorphs - software genetics in HTML5 and Javascript.

'Pull  the switch Igor -we're frying tonight!'  Today we're going to create artificial life MWHAHAHA! Well not really, but we are going to have a play with genetics and software development, less fun than lightning and a methane atmosphere -but quicker and easier to arrange than a suitable planet.

Example Biomorphs

Richard Dawkins describes biomorphs in his book The Blind Watchmaker (chapter 3). Biomorphs are shapes that change by mutation and it is possible to build up creatures by selecting from the generated shapes. Pretty much a game really, although the book does carry a good description of n-dimensional spaces (9 in this instance) -maybe I finally get it.

As an exercise in brushing up my Javascript -and playing with HTML5 I am going to have a go at creating a version of his concept. The reason for Javascript and HTML5 is that I can host a page with the program on this blog and not have to set up a server somewhere.

In Dawkins original a biomorph is a tree structure that has 9 genes  controlling its growth, these genes control things like stem length, branch angle, number of iterations of breeding &c.. There isn't an algorithm as such in the book so this will be an 'Agile' (or suck it and see) development and I'll basically solve small problems and hope that I can bolt them all together for an overall solution.

Finally, as Biomorphs are tree structures the natural algorithm to draw them will be recursive, it'll be interesting to see if Javascript and the browsers can handle that.

The program will appear on a separate page available from the top menu, our first design decision!

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