Friday, 8 March 2013

Mobile Design Patterns

despite my rant, I am here to design and build, (or rather build and design, since I'm a techie and not a fluffie) a mobile app so it would be good to look at some navigation patterns for it, with a view to stealing them.

We were pointed to as a source of inspiration and asked to pick out 3 relevant ideas.

Home Screen

How about this for a home screen?
  • This roughly matches my idea for a home screen.
  • It might be better to split search from capture in the way notification and search are split here.
  • Use of colour and icons is good, even if the colours themselves are a bit insipid.
  • The numbers against the icons could represent documents stored against a tag for me.

Tabbed Screen

I hadn't thought of this, but it's a good way of expanding the desktop beyond the screen.
  • Could be good for listing tags and the documents belonging to them
  • Limited number of tags across the top but could swipe
  • Scroll down documents
  • We already had concepts of place and time in the original design

Search Results

Filtered search

I thought this might do for the search results :
  • Icons would be tags allowing you to filter the search
  • Would anyone use it?
  • Techies love search driven sites.
  • Users only use Google.
  • Is it better than the foursquare screen, which could be adapted to the same job
  • Is the overlay too big, although what's underneath isn't what the user wants to see?

 Answers on a postcard please

  • Do users use the search in a mobile app? They don't use site specific search on the web.
  • Is swiping and scrolling going to make users of the tabbed screen seasick?

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