Friday, 7 October 2011

Free university courses -computing at Stanford

This is a bit of a find, free Artificial Intelligence. and Machine Learning courses at Stanford University in the US. These two courses are examined (optionally, in the Advanced Track) and you can get a certificate, but there are other lecture series on more 'normal' programming topics too.

I think the 'Seven Languages in Seven Weeks' is going to take a bit of a knock as I have signed up for both AI and ML courses, neither have officially started yet but the first weeks' lectures are available for for machine learning.

I'll post on how my attempts at this go -suffice to say week one reveals the course to be fairly academic; and a friend is struggling with the mathematical approach, more because he finds it off-putting rather than difficult. I'm no Turing but so far so good -and there's always Khan Academy to fill in the gaps.

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