Monday, 28 March 2011

City Life

An example of London life that happened to me in the week.

I'm heading back to Liverpool Street to catch the train home -just another worker ant focused on the clock, when :

'Can I ask you a question'

Oh god I think, I take a look at the questioner, no clipboard that's a good sign, scabs on the face and swaying a bit -not so good. Still  I've got 5 minutes to spare, it might be quicker to play along with him.

'Go on then -if you're quick'

'Do you remember Dudley wossname -was in that film with that bird'

Ok, that came from nowhere, however I'm of the vintage that Bo Derek made a big impression on (well the male half anyway -and if the number of cornrow hairdos that were about on blondes at the time was any guide- the females weren't entirely immune).

'Uh, yes Dudley Moore'

'Who was it who was his partner, you know in the act, do you know?'

'Peter Cook' I reply.

'Brilliant mate -I had this bet with my mate that he was wrong and you've won me 20 quid'

'Who did he think it was then?'

'Peter O'Toole, wanker. I told him he was Dracula.'

Made me smile. And it's an excuse to put up a picture of Bo.

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